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Treatment For Pelvic Pain & Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Vancouver Physiotherapist Anniken Chadwick solely focuses on pelvic floor physiotherapy,
which includes treatment for pelvic pain/dysfunction, sexual pain & urinary incontinence

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What is pelvic floor physiotherapy?

anniken chadwick pelvic floor physiotherapistThe pelvic floor is a group of muscles at the base of the spine which literally make up the floor of the pelvis. They have several important roles; core stability, bladder and bowel continence, birthing, and sexual function.

Often the causes of pelvic floor issues are more complex than just weakness, so generic ‘Kegel’ exercises are rarely an effective solution. Furthermore, research shows that 50% of women given a generic instruction are doing Kegals incorrectly.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy assesses these muscles, checking their position, length and strength and how they are working (or not!) with the rest of the body to achieve all of these complex functions. Based on the assessment findings, the root cause of your symptoms can be determined. This is much the same as any other Physiotherapy assessment.

Once the root cause is understood, a specific treatment plan can be developed addressing all the causing problems, to normalize the pelvic floor and resolve your dysfunction.

Each assessment and treatment program will be specific to you, your needs and your comfort level. These are delicate issues, which can involve past trauma. Your rehabilitation is respected as a sacred and highly personal process, and always within the realm of what you are ready for and capable of. A dialogue of how you are finding the work, and any difficulties you are having emotionally or practically will be invited at all times.

What can I expect from an assessment?

pelvic floor physiotherapy vancouverAn assessment will go through a detailed history of your complaint, your concerns and your goals.
The physical exam will check your posture, abdomen, breathing, and pelvic floor muscles.
The pelvic floor muscle assessment usually requires an internal exam, either vaginal, rectal or both. This is a gentle exam (using no apparatus), which is tailored to your own comfort and pain level. If you have any concerns about the exam Anniken is happy to discuss it further over the phone before you book an appointment. There are still effective assessment and treatment options even if an internal exam isn’t an option for you.

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Downtown Vancouver Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy – 604-685-4325

What might treatment involve?vancouver pelvic floor physiotherapy treatment

Treatment may involve advice, hands on therapy, exercise, posture re-education and Acupuncture.
You will be educated about the cause of the issue and given advice on strategies to manage it.
You will likely receive normal Physiotherapy hands on treatment to your muscles and joints to optimize pelvic alignment.

Depending on your issue, you may be given release treatments and exercises to help relax the muscle if it’s tight, or specific exercises to strengthen it if it’s weak.

Posture re-education and global exercises will make sure the pelvic floor issue is being addressed globally, minimizing the chance of future recurrence.

Acupuncture is also offered to relieve pain, promote normal muscle function and address any stress or anxiety that may be contributing to the issue.
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Physiotherapist Anniken Chadwick provides treatment for
pelvic pain/dysfunction, sexual pain & urinary incontinence
Downtown Vancouver Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

What conditions does pelvic floor therapy treat?


  • Bladder leaking or urgency (stress urinary incontinence / overactive bladder)
  • Constipation
  • Fecal incontinence or soiling
  • Nocturia – urinating frequently throughout the night
  • Interstitial cystitis / Bladder pain syndrome

Pregnancy / post partum

  • Preparation for labor
  • Optimize healing post birth ensuring full recovery and preventing future issues Guidance on safe exercise
  • Prevention and treatment of separated stomach muscles (diastasis rectus abdominus)
  • Alleviation of pregnancy related pain


  • Cystocele (bladder dropping down into vagina)
  • Rectocele (rectum dropping down into vagina)
  • Uterocele (uterus dropping down into vagina)
  • Rectal prolapse (prolapse out the anus)

Pain / Structural issues

  • Chronic back pain (if you are struggling to resolve back pain, the pelvic floor may be the missing piece of the puzzle)
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Endometriosis
  • Interstitial cystitis / Bladder pain syndrome
  • Coccydynia (painful tail bone)
  • Pubic symphysis dysfunction (painful pubic bone)
  • Pudental neuralgia (genital / perineal pain)
  • Vestibulodynia/Vulvodynia/Vaginismus/Vestibulitis (vaginal pain syndromes often during sexual activity)
  • Diastasis rectus abdominus (DRA) – separated stomach muscles often from pregnancy

Downtown Vancouver Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy – 604-685-4325

Post surgical
You wouldn’t have ACL surgery without doing prehab and rehab on your knee. It is equally important to work on the strength and recovery of your pelvic and abdominal muscles after abdominal, urological, gynecological, prostate and gastroenterological surgery.
This will minimize side effects and optimize the outcome of the surgery.

Male specific issues

  • Prostatodynia / Chronic benign prostatisis / chronic pelvic pain syndrome
  • Testicular pain
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Post prostate surgery rehab

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Vancouver Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
Downtown Vancouver Physiotherapist Anniken Chadwick treats
pelvic pain/dysfunction, sexual pain & urinary incontinence
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