Dr. Michael Mulvey



Insured Services

*Note: these services are fully covered by MSP provincial healthcare.

Psychiatric Consultation for diagnostic clarification & treatment recommendations
60 Minutes

Follow up for psychotherapy & medication management
50 Minutes


Uninsured Services and Fees

Request by patient for a paper copy of their medical record
Cost: $25

Missed appointment
Cost: $20 – $100 (sliding scale)

Third party* requests for medical information
Estimated Cost: $60 – $100


Charges for third party requests will be calculated in the following way:

  • Physician time to complete request x $220 hourly rate
  • Plus cost for administrative processing of request


Medical note for sick leave / return-to-work
No fee

*A third party is any organization other than the physician and patient. A third party service is any service used to complete a document to satisfy someone other than the patient.