PRIZE GIVE AWAY: New RMT (first 2 years of practice) Start Up & Coaching Package (valued at over $6000.00)

Who: My name is Mark Bentz, RMT and owner of Electra Health and Everest Therapeutics. I’ve developed this program to give you a foundation to live the life of your dreams. You are now part of a professional family and with that comes great responsibility and even greater rewards.

What: New RMT (first 2 years of practice)  start up and coaching package (valued at over $6000.00)

When: Enter now. The winner will be chosen after December 15th.

Why: I remember being a new RMT and being broke, excited and a little nervous when I passed the boards. I got my first position and quickly realized I knew very little about the professional business side of being an RMT. At my 1 year class reunion, I had realized that a lot of my classmates made many mistakes too. Some were costly and some were just bad professional business decisions. The one thing they had all in common is that they were due to a lack of knowledge and experience. Therefore, my goal is to coach you so you can make intelligent and informed decisions. I am here to support you, financially but more importantly we are going to align your values and beliefs to give you the outstanding foundation to create the practice of your dreams. Coaching is not for everyone but it is for the right RMT that wants to remove a lot of the costly rookie mistakes, guesswork and the new RMT traps.

How: I have made it simple and easy for everyone to apply. Just grab your mobile phone and shoot a short 2 minute video. Please go to http://www.electrahealthfloor. com/about/video to watch a sample video of how yours should look.

One thing you should know is that I am almost totally blind. I have 2% of my vision left. So don’t worry about the video quality, perfect background, how you look or anything like that. I am mostly listening for meaningful content.

Process: Send your video to mark@electrahealthfloor.com .

Subject: Living is Giving. The successful candidate will have provided a thoughtful, creative and meaningful submission. Winner will be contacted shortly after December 15th.  

PS: Everyone who applies will receive 2 x 30 minute coaching sessions to get them started. I do this because after 22 years of being an RMT I am extremely grateful to our profession as it has made it possible to have realized so many of my dreams.    

Winner’s Package:

  • 12 massage sheets, 6 face pieces ($150 value)
  • 1 gallon bottle of holy oil ($40 value)
  • P3 advanced therapy lotion ($50 value)
  • Tablet ($300 value)
  • 12 – 30 minute one on one coaching sessions with me ($3000 value)
  • 2 – 30 minute coaching sessions with a new RMT ($200 value)
  • 2 – 30 minute coaching sessions with Mike Dixon RMT, Mike is a 31 year veteran RMT who is a teacher, textbook author, lecturer and outstanding professional ($500 value)
  • 2 – 30 minute sessions with a CPA ($270)
  • 1000 business cards ($250 value)
  • Professional head shot done ($250 value)
  • Professional website biography done ($250)
  • 1 month of student loans paid for (maximum $250 value)
  • 1st year CMT dues (www.cmtbc.ca) ($525 value)
  • 1st year RMTBC dues (www.rmtbc.ca) ($300 value)
  • 1st year Malpractice ($100 value)
  • 12 student clinic treatment at your college ($240 value)

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