A Person’s Constitution

Homeopathy in Vancouver

In homeopathy, one’s constitution means the totality of how a person is functioning. This includes the mental, emotional and physical states and how these states react to stress, different kinds of weather conditions, and different kinds of food.

Homeopathy looks at factors such as the nature of the person’s sleep patterns, the parts of their body which tend towards weakness and so on. It’s these factors that make one person’s constitution unique and individual. Five people can have the same “disease” but all five are different and homeopathy would most likely treat each person with a different remedy.

One person with a disease may be angry and sensitive to the cold. That person will need a certain homeopathic remedy. Another person may be very hot, feverish and shy. This person, in spite of having the same “disease,” is in a different state. They are different and homeopathy will need to give them a different remedy.

The goal of homeopathy is not to simply treat the ‘disease’ – the goal is to treat the constitution, the individual. The constitution is where the disease arises from in relationship to possible external factors. The external factors in themselves are not the true cause of disease; if that were so, then everyone would react to them in the same manner.

In homeopathy, the true cause of disease lies in the individuals susceptibility towards various factors. The cause lies in their constitution. Everyone will react differently to an external factor whether it is a bacterium, a situation of grief, certain foods, and so on. These individual reactions are the reactions of the constitution.

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