Testimonials for Homeopathy

“Jana is the best possible healer you can ask for. She is a highly skilled professional, as well as an incredibly gifted intuitive healer. She will quickly “zoom in” through layers and layers of your energy to access the exact issue that needs attention, and then find the most suitable homeopathic remedy to dissolve the blockages and release trapped & stagnant energy. 

I never tried homeopathy before (and knew very little about it) and was surprised that Jana’s homeopathy + her very accurate intuitive seeing was most powerful and helpful to me (compared to other modalities) when I needed help. In addition to her professional and intuitive healing skills, Jana is also incredibly warm, open, trustworthy and genuinely caring – all (and more!) that one can ask for in a doctor/healing. 

The other aspect that I discovered is that healing with homeopathy is actually a lasting one, a true healing versus a temporary solution. Be it physical or emotional symptoms, be sure that Jana is the one to go to when you are ready to be healed and renewed.”

 AS, 8 yrs:

“Since I take homeopathy, I feel braver, more humorous, I can pay attention better in school, I can assist more stuff and am not afraid to speak my mind. I like the sugar medicine and I know it has helped me with my problems.”

SU, 14 yrs:

“Homeopathy has helped me mentally and spiritually in my healing, it boosts my confidence , also it has helped me when I injure myself. My nose bleeding stopped after taking the remedies. I used to be really hyper and now I’m calmer.”

VJ, male 44 yrs:

“I had never used homeopathy before, not in my childhood nor in my adult life. Only a bit over two years ago I visited my homeopath for the first time, a little reluctant at the beginning, especially since I worked for many years very closely to allopathic doctors and in particular with surgeons, where any non-officially recognized medical practice was tantamount to ‘voodoo’.

I visited my homeopath to seek relief of high anxiety, recurring headaches, and insomnia. I remember clearly the first interview, which lasted almost 3 hours and I came out exhausted. My homeopath asked me a great number of questions and performed a very detailed auscultation of my mental and emotional states, which was uncommon for me to speak about them in my previous medical interviews. They were usually very thorough in describing the symptom and then a medicine was prescribed. But not here… I was being questioned about how I felt when this or that occurred, what it is like being in my shoes when I felt this or that, and so on. Long and short, close to the end of the session there was a statement I made, a description of what I thought that made me realize how true and profound the sentence I just uttered had been. It went directly to the core of the problem. I stopped and even told my homeopath that what I just said had been perhaps the most important thing I had said in the entire session.

I haven’t had a single headache since then, not even a spur or attempt. The anxiety I felt is gone… I even had the courage to leave my previous job and find a new and better job that satisfies me much more. My sleep pattern is the same, and by that I mean that my hours of sleep haven’t increased, and obviously haven’t decreased neither. However, the same 6 hours I slept then, I continue sleeping now, but profoundly. As soon as I touch the pillow I’m asleep, and wake up rested and fully charged early in the morning with a different attitude and energy levels. My therapy has continued and we have been working on many other smaller issues, but overall my health has improved more than 80%, and all since the first take of my remedy.

I cannot but recommend using homeopathy, especially if you are a person who is aware of your feelings and thoughts and can verbalize them without inhibition. Your ability to express your inner states is very important, perhaps even more so than the physical symptoms you have. Homeopathy in one of those things where you can’t convince anybody, but can only suggest others to try it. The healing power of homeopathy will convince you by itself.”

PM, 16 yrs:

“Homeopathy for me has helped me through painful migraines, menstrual cramps and irregular periods. Now I can understand the meaning of my dreams. I like knowing what the remedies are made of and that I am taking one according to what I describe.”


SS, 40 yrs:

“I have noticed that the way I react to my family problems with my husband and my children has been less intense than before. I feel I have more patience with them and I make time to spend with them instead of blaming them for my problems. I find that this treatment covers all of who I am, the physical and the emotional, and not just parts of me. I have someone to listen to me and help me in my healing process. I like the idea that homeopathy will not give me side effects.”


IP, 38 yrs:

“I feel transformed, from the roots I have changed. Even the way I express myself, I feel calmer, more relaxed and more focused. I stopped drinking coffee. I feel that my body is cleansing, even my skin feels different, it looks better. Usually lazy, now I can keep going, challenge myself, I can do things that before I had a hard time starting to do.”

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