What We Treat

Diseases and Conditions which can be treated at Vancouver’s Equilibrium
Healing Center

Overall Homeopathy is a great alternative when you are going through different stages in life, it can support your body through those changes and so you are able to enjoy your life.

You can feel energetic and active again. One of the main reliefs patients refer is feeling full of energy again. As your body gets stronger using homeopathy your resistance to overcome diseases is greater.

Sometimes in life we lose motivation and direction to keep on going. We feel lost in the everyday routine, it drains us and brings us down. Homeopathy can help you regain your self-identity and the joy of living once again.

Stress, feelings of frustration, irritability and no patience with people around. Feeling overwhelmed in work and not being able to sleep thinking about your problems can be relieved with certain remedies specifically chosen for you.

Headaches due to stomach upsets, stress or excesses in life.

With fears and obsessive thoughts homeopathy can help you live in a more relaxed manner.

Loss and grief can affect our lives most profoundly, homeopathy can help you recover more quickly over these life changing events.

Skin problems like eczema, acne, dryness and itchiness can be relieved greatly by homeopathic remedies, helping your skin to balance and make you feel better.

Menstrual disorders like PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and menopause can be greatly relieved with homeopathic remedies as well as cramps, irregular periods in teenagers and young women and sexual problems (high or low libido).

Pregnancy, early motherhood and neonatal conditions are benefitted by homeopathic remedies, examples like morning nausea, colic in babies and rashes can be removed.

Homeopathy has been successful treating cases of seasonal sadness causing depression due to the reduced hours of sunlight in countries where winter is long and dark.

Homeopathy helps strengthen your immune system when some you have gone through stressful situations or traumatic and grieving experiences.

As well as in allergy season, homeopathy helps strengthen your immune system so allergic symptoms can be reduced.

Children with behavioral issues like concentration, attention deficit, excessive fears, and aggression have been helped with
homeopathic remedies.

To read more check out their Vancouver website at www.equilibrium-healing.com.

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