Start from the Heart Mentorship Program

Mentoring and coaching is the most rewarding part of my business. This is because our program is unlike anything else out there. Our program is rooted in passion and personal and professional development. We start by understanding the 6 human needs that drive everyone. Then we identify your true value and belief structure. When you’re aligned with your true purpose, life has unlimited potential.

Research clearly shows that if you ignore your core needs, you are laying down a foundation for future burnout and unfulfillment. It doesn’t matter if you are new in your profession or you have been out for decades, when you discover your true needs and beliefs, you ignite the inner passion that has been dormant for years. This fuel drives you to serve from your heart and live a life of absolute fulfillment.

The practice of your dreams comes from outstanding therapeutic and professional relationships. At Electra Health, that is all we focus on. There is a reason why we have 55 therapists in 14 separate professions. We focus on our family culture, nourish our relationships and always make sure that our therapists’, employees’ and clients’ needs are being served.

This of course is not for everyone. I have seen a lot of therapists that just want the status quo: nothing too great, nothing too bad. What I am talking about takes passion and the knowledge that your life has been given to you to grow, connect and contribute to the betterment of society.  

“I started my profession at another clinic and was less than inspired. I am so grateful I found Mark. I had no idea this type of commitment to extraordinary mentorship existed.” – Cole Majoros RMT

We will cover all the typical mentorship topics, but we will also cover a lot more. Our difference is that we start from the heart and leave the small talk to the status quo.  

“Within the first day we started working on my true needs and beliefs. I was shocked to see what social conditioning and societal norms was doing to my practice. I now see what truly drives me and I now live life on my terms.” – Cowdy Zhang RAc., TCM. H., TCM. P.

We take you step by step through a proven process where you will continually learn from therapists in your field. In addition, we also connect you with complementary professionals to broaden your personal and professional development.    

As you can imagine, we receive a lot of interest for this program and we only choose those who are ready for it. Please take a few minutes and fill out our preliminary application form. Our team will look it over and will be in touch soon.

Thank you

Mark Bentz

Electra Health-Owner/Director

PS I commit to you that this journey is going to be outstanding!

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