PMS and Acupuncture

Many women suffer from PMS but not many women are aware that acupuncture is a highly accessible, safe and proven method for relieving the uncomfortable and life-compromising symptoms of PMS. Our Vancouver acupuncture clinic offers this treatment.

Acupuncture Treatment for PMS
Vancouver BC (downtown)
7 days a week – 8 am to 8 pm.

Some of the PMS symptoms which acupuncture can effectively relieve and reduce are cramps, mood-swings, lethargy, headaches, bloating, insomnia, fatigue, irritability, food-cravings, depression, anxiety
and stress.

PMS, its symptoms, and even the ripple effects, can leave women feeling helpless and unable to fully take charge of the direction of their lives. You thought the Vancouver rain was bad, but it is difficult, to have to adjust your schedule and your personal relationships to the instability and lack of clarity you may endure once a month from PMS.

Acupuncture doesn’t just treat the obvious PMS symptoms, such as headaches and muscle tension. It also frees up energy channels to help the brain and hormonal system perform at their best. It also brings a better total balance to the body.

When the body is operating in perfect synchronicity, then mind and spirit work in perfect synchronicity. And when your system is in this perfect harmony, you will be surprised at how amazing you feel, how much easier things come to you, and how much more effective you become.

Call us at our Vancouver office at 604-685-4325 to start alleviating your PMS symptoms through highly affective acupuncture treatments.

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