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Cody ZhangCody Zhang, RAc., T.C.M H, T.C.M P

Do you feel tired even after long hours of sleep? This could be why.

Feeling exhausted? No energy in the day time? Struggling to focus? — It seems like we have all suffered from these symptoms once in a while. When these things keep bothering us over time, they can affect our lifestyle tremendously, and it’s often overlooked because it comes on gradually.

      In medicine, this is called chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). The cause of CFS, however, is not yet understood, meaning that treatments for CFS are based on the symptoms. 

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In the TCM world, when rest doesn’t help to recover and someone still feels tired after sleep, it can mean there is some inner imbalance of the body. Yin and Yang both play important roles in sleep. Their mission is to regulate each other in order to balance and maintain the body’s function. Yang is strong during day time and Ying is strong during night time. When night time kicks in, Yang is weaker than Ying. Ying would be dominant during night and, when early morning kicks in, Yang starts grow and causes Ying to diminish and so on.

      Sleeping is the process where Yang enters Ying, meaning during night time we should remain calm and sleepy. When the sun rises, Yang leaves Ying and Ying enters Yang. This process keeps us energetic and focused during the day time. 

       Why then, do you feel tired and drowsy even in the day time? Often, the quality of sleep is insufficient. In terms of sleep quality, there are a few variables to consider: 

      The depth of sleep is the key to accomplishing a good quality sleep. The length of sleep is also important, however, without a certain depth, more time spent sleeping just makes you even more drowsy. From a TCM standpoint, when our body’s Yang totally enters Ying, which means our energy is fully being charged, if there are any inner imbalances in our body, it can lead to disharmony between Ying and Yang. Acupuncture and herbal remedies are excellent for this inner imbalance in the body. Acupuncture can soothe the energy channels and unblock obstructions that cause the inner imbalance. Herbal remedy can balance the energy distribution during different times of the day, enabling the body to deepen the “quality sleep” phase naturally.

      A good quality of sleep is a very powerful tool — it helps you fight against viruses, bacteria, helps with tissue recovery and gives you energy for the next day’s challenges. As you fall into a deep enough sleep, it’s like throwing a punch with good recoil — your punch will be powerful and accurate. 

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