Active Release Therapy (ART) – Vancouver

Our downtown Vancouver chiropractor performs Active Release Therapy (ART). ART is a manual technique used to release tight bands of muscle tissue. It is performed by applying direct pressure to a muscle attachment and then having the patient move the muscle in its range of motion.

It can be used to relieve conditions such as sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, headaches, and sports injuries.

All these conditions occur because of tight muscle tissue. The tight muscle causes a decrease of blood flow to those muscle fibers. The tissue then becomes hypoxic (lacks oxygen), and the nerve endings in the area become compressed. All this adds up to an unpleasant feeling area in your body.

When looking at an over use injury like tendonitis, a small muscle ache in your body can become a major chronic problem fast. This is because repetitive motions create small muscle fiber tears that, if left untreated, create thick scar tissue in the injured area and this hinders the free movement of tendons, soft tissues, other muscle groups, and nerves thus causing a multitude of aggressive and painful symptoms.

Active Release Therapy (ART) not only helps to remedy symptoms including chronic pain, reduced range of motion, muscle weakness, and numbness, but also works to cure the condition. An Active Release Therapy (ART) session differs from other treatments because the chiropractor is able to assess a patient with their hands to identify possible unknown injuries and then tailor a series of individual ART movements and pressure treatments.

Because of the unique patient involvement during treatment, Active Release Therapy (ART) empowers patients to take control of their conditions and to shape their rehabilitation.

Our downtown Vancouver chiropractor would like to see you and assess the suitability of Active Release Therapy (ART) for your condition.

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