Energy Healing

For me, perhaps just like you, there was a time when I didn’t ‘buy’ energy healing. When someone told me they were a healer or a reiki master or anything of that nature I would do what ANY sane person does-nod and smile politely. After all, I have a mortgage to pay and deadlines to meet. Who has time for all that navel gazing and incense burning?


Little did I know that life would lead me right into this path and gently shove me down it.


Ever since I was a little kid I have been drawn to what I call ‘adventures in consciousness’. It started with a study tape in junior high that was really a light hypnosis technique and after high school my search progressed into getting a mantra from a guru, from there to several 10-day silent meditation retreats where I was drawn so clearly and completely beyond the mundane world that it left an indelible mark on me.  Soon after that to kundalini yoga classes where I was elevated to a level of harmony with my surroundings that brought me to tears on several occasions.


And-even though I was fascinated with growth, healing, spirituality and mysticism I still did not believe in energy healing-or more specifically, I didn’t believe that it could work for me.


It wasn’t until I was living on an island in the middle of nowhere with nothing but time that I finally took the chance and worked with a reiki master for several sessions that ended up changing the trajectory of my life.


For my first session, I traveled to her home high on a hill, and there she showed me to her healing room: a bare space with a massage table set up in the center of the room. ‘Hmmm, no crystals or patchouli?’ I laid down on the table wondering what I had gotten myself into. Visions of the sacrifice scene in the Sherlock Holmes movie filled my head. Soon she returned and the session started. She was standing down by my feet and as I laid there I thought. ‘Hey, nothing is happening. What if I have to lay here for an entire hour and then lie to her afterwards and say it was wonderful and then I would have to leave and not be one of the people who get healed…’. Just as these thoughts and doubts were swirling around my mind something did happen. A sense of peace started to descend on me. It enveloped me and I sank deeper and deeper until I was gently floating in some sort of space that I had no idea where but it was so wonderful it didn’t even matter. Too soon after, the session was over and I was back on the table feeling so very groggy. She got me to sit up and gave me some water. Soon I felt more awake and as I was heading home I started to feel so incredibly alive. Clear. Grounded. Hard to describe with words-but a sense of being very present and connected with myself and feeling like ‘everything is okay.’


I worked with Arianna for 6 sessions over three months. At first, they were just relaxing and revitalizing but then I could feel shifts happening in my body in different areas. My reproductive system was the focus of one session. I had not menstruated in a while, and when I did it was painful. After the session, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my lower abdomen and also had a greater range of motion in my hips. I’ve had normal cycles ever since. Another session focused on my throat. I had had a lot of trouble expressing myself and sharing my experiences with others. Growing up in a strict religious home that favored patriarchal conservative values left me with a huge block around free self-expression. I still remember that session clearly to this day. Deeper and deeper into the bubble of peace I went. I felt a presence there that was so powerful, so loving, so aware of me- I’ll never forget it. I felt a huge release in my throat, neck and shoulders, like something was lifted from me. Soon after that session I started singing and writing songs; I began to meet people who respected me in new ways and I was more able to share with them my thoughts and feelings.


After we had completed the sessions we had planned I was so awestruck by the healing experience I asked Arianna to train me. I knew I was healthy and strong, and because of my meditation experience I could hold a steady focus. We began a series of three initiations that shifted my understanding of myself and the world at a fundamental level.


I chose to have the first initiation at my favorite beach. It was quiet, with only a small unmarked path from a residential street. We met and chose a spot in the center of a cluster of trees. It was a beautiful day, the sun shining and waves crashing on the shore. Arianna instructed me to enter a meditative state and to relax and breathe as she did her work. I could feel her moving around me. Doubts began to sprout in my mind. ‘What is it doesn’t work on me? What if I have just imagined this whole thing?’ Fear and doubt started swirling around me. Just as this whirlwind reached its crescendo my attention was pulled in another direction. I felt it expanding all around me. I was suddenly not only aware of my thoughts and my body, I could feel the space around me too. It was like I had a whole new sense, more than sight or sound or smell. It felt miraculous, like a whole new world had opened up for me. When we were done and I rose to my feet I was astounded. The sky was bluer that I had ever experienced, and the trees seemed to be so alive as I stood between them. ‘What a wonderful world’ I remember thinking.


I started integrating this new awareness into my life, practicing on anyone what would let me. I was thrilled and wanted to know more. Soon after, I worked with a Kathara Healer, receiving multiple healings per week and learning about sequencing and different frequencies of energy that can increase healing effectiveness.


I continued to practice and hone my skill and as my proficiency and success increased I decided to offer healings professionally.  I saw huge shifts in not only my client’s health but their lifestyles and relationships. I watched many grow and bloom and change jobs and find greater fulfillment. It was incredibly rewarding.


Then, in 2014 I came into contact with Naam Yoga. A system of practice that uses breathing, mantras, mudras and rhythms to tune into higher states of consciousness. I began taking classes and experienced a profound sense of clarity and personal power. I felt like nothing could stop me and I could take on anything that came my way. I took their healing training in October of 2015 and what an incredible experience that was. In a room with 200 other healers all together, learning, sharing, practicing and receiving healing.


Over the last several years I’ve worked at integrating all these skills and tools. I am able to sense blocked areas and over time restore functionality and integrity to bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits. Don’t get me wrong- It’s not hocus pocus and it doesn’t happen overnight.


A typical session starts with me getting into a meditative state and then making a choice to connect with and allow certain types of energies to flow through me. It sounds a little woo woo but trust me, it’s very real. I then get connected with my client. Tuning into their health, vitality, energy. If I have a good sense of them I can feel which areas have blockages. Sometimes it’s body parts, sometimes chakras, sometimes it’s areas of their energy field. Depending on the nature of the block and the current circumstances I put together a strategy and that’s about it! After that it’s about concentration and focus. Depending on the style of perception of the client I may get them involved in visualizing or breathing. Most people comment on how relaxed and rejuvenated they feel after a session. It’s so incredibly rewarding to see someone walk through my door with a big smile and have them tell me about the wonderful changes happening in their life.


In six years of being a healer, I have developed many ways of working and sensing energy and creating incredible shifts for many healing clients. I also use tools and techniques that I learned through working with many healing traditions. It’s with great joy I offer my work now through the Electra Health Floor. If you have questions please feel free to contact me at the Electra Health Floor at 604-685-4325.


I invite you to release old and worn out patterns of thinking and behaving and living and give yourself the gift of clarity, of vitality, of inner connection. There is no limit to where you can go when you are on your right path.




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