How many times have you heard somebody say “Oh it’s just Stress”? Or even better, how many times have you said it yourself? Many of us seem to be under the misconception that while stress is annoying and can be a hassle that it is still fairly inconsequential. This is far from the truth. Stress is a very real, physical thing happening inside your body. It is changing the chemical cocktail flowing through your blood and therefore effects every cell in your body. When you are feeling stressed or thinking about stress in your life whether it is about your home life or about work or maybe about your future, it sends a message from your brain to glands in your body that then pump out chemicals to the rest of your body’s cells. Much the same way that when you think about moving your arm an impulse travels from your brain to the muscles in your arm to achieve a precise movement. These chemical messages change much of your bodies physiology including blood pressure and metabolism. These changes were meant to be temporary just to get you away from a predator or a famine. The problem is that with our modern day society we are putting far too much stress on ourselves and pretending its normal but our bodies are not meant to function under constant stress and are suffering for it. So why have I told you this? Certainly not to stress you out but rather to inform you of what has already been going on inside your body and tell you ways that you can start reducing your stress today, making your internal habitat happier and healthier. Do some deep breathing in the morning, practice yoga, get regular relaxation massages or have a bath by candle light. Whatever you do to reduce your stress and relax your body remember (even as much as you may enjoy it) it’s not merely a guilty pleasure, it’s an important lifestyle choice to create a healthier you. So feel good about your relaxation time, revel in it, you will be giving your body an important boost. And hey, a healthier body gives you less to stress about! You can book your relaxation massage with one of our experienced RMTs, by clicking on the online appointment button below, or calling Electra Health Floor at 604-685-4325 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm. Book Your Appointment

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