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One of the unfortunate byproducts of modern society and industrialization is the increased risk of heavy metal toxicity. While small amounts of heavy metals naturally occur in the environment and are sometimes necessary to maintain good health, larger amounts can lead to health problems. This is true of both acute and chronic toxicity. Common toxic metals include cadmium, arsenic, lead, mercury and aluminum. There are several significant health issues caused by chemical sensitivities and/or heavy metal poisoning.

Heavy metals are toxic to the human body and provide no nutritional value

Instead, they generally cause stress, as the body works to eliminate toxic metals from the system. Difficulties arise when the body cannot appropriately detoxify metals and the body stores them in fatty areas (brain, nerves, adipose), bone and organs. Metals become toxic because they interfere with normal functioning of the body. With both sudden and prolonged exposure to heavy metals, individuals can experience a wide range of symptoms.

Heavy Metal Toxicty Testing
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Mental faculties can slowly degrade, causing a lack of clarity, a sense of ‘fogginess’. Heavy metal toxicity can also cause nervousness and anxiety, as well as DNA damage that can lend itself to tumorous growths and cancer. Liver congestion and insufficiencies in the digestive system can lead to chronic nausea. Symptoms including hair loss, allergies, respiratory problems, skin conditions (like eczema), food intolerances, cardiovascular problems, and increased fatigue have all been linked to heavy metal poisoning.

Heavy metal poisoning has also been implicated in central nervous system disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as multiple sclerosis. These conditions may be, in some cases, correlated with high levels of toxic metals coupled with a decreased ability to properly process and dispose of heavy metals. A comprehensive treatment plan designed by one of our naturopathic doctors can help rid the body of heavy metals, which can help to minimize or eliminate the associated symptoms and health concerns.

Heavy Metal Toxicty & Testing in Vancouver

heavy metasl analysis vancouverThe rise of heavy metal toxicity is closely related to the rise of industrialized society. Products of industrialization include heavy metals like arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, lead, mercury and iron. Significant amounts of other heavy metals such as chromium, cobalt, copper, nickel, silver and zinc can also be quite toxic. Although lead-based paints are banned in most modern countries, they can still be found in many older Vancouver homes, and common household objects. In addition lead is found in batteries, products and toys from China, some herbal products, artist paints, and fishing sinkers.

heavy metasl analysis vancouverHigh levels of mercury can sometimes be found in fish oil supplements that have not been properly screened. Mercury amalgam dental fillings run the risk of heavy metal toxicity, as well as aluminum and copper found in cooking utensils. Household disinfectants may contain mercury and copper, while insecticides are known to contain arsenic, antimony, and cadmium. There are also heavy metals polluting the air from coal power plants, steel and metal foundries, automobile exhaust, construction sites, burning sewage, and from fertilizer companies.

The three main forms of analysis for heavy metal toxicity in Vancouver each have thier own merits and strengths.

 Hair Test

Testing for heavy metal toxicity via a hair strand analysis is effective, because heavy metals that bind to hair are in the same proportion as they are in the rest of the body. However, hair tests are designed to detect recent exposure, so chronic exposure may not always be accurately represented.

Urine Analysis and Chelation

A urine test is best done with a chelation challenge. Chelation comes from the word “claw”- using a substance to grab onto metals in the body, bind them strongly, and excrete them without reabsorption of the metals occurring. Chelation pulls out stored metals from bodily tissues into the kidneys where they can be expelled in urine.

DMPS and EDTA Chelation

These are commonly used and administered intravenously with appropriate medical supervision. DMPS is generally used for mercury toxicity and EDTA for lead toxicity. EDTA can also be used to decrease arterial plaque and decrease risks of cardiovascular disease. For people who are chemically sensitive to chelation treatments, a fecal analysis can be a suitable alternative. It is also appropriate for children or for patients who have compromised kidney function.

DMSA Chelation

DMSA is an oral substance that can be used to chelate both lead and mercury, if intravenous treatments are not recommended.

In Vancouver, heavy metal toxicity often necessitates chelation therapy over a period of several months, with the average chelation period (depending on the chelating agent) being 8-12 months . Chelation treatments should always be administered and monitored by a naturopathic doctor or other medical professional certified in chelation therapy.

Supportive therapies with chelation include:

  • Infrared saunas
    encourage proper detoxification of toxic metals.
  • Nutrition therapy
    aids in the removal of heavy metals from the body: herbal supplements and antioxidants are common, as well as the encouragement of increased hydration to cleanse the kidneys. Organic food choices are important when the body’s ability to detoxify metals is compromised.
  • Liver and kidney support
    aids the proper elimination of toxins and metals.

Everyone is at risk of heavy metal toxicity and chemical sensitivities. Since they can manifest as any number of different symptoms, it is best to consult with a naturopath and get tested for elevated levels of heavy metals. A proper treatment plan can reduce, or even eliminate heavy metal toxicity issues.

Heavy Metal Toxicity Testing
Vancouver Naturopathic Doctors

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