Physiotherapy can help with Occupational Stress

Our Vancouver physiotherapists have treated a lot of people with Occupational Stress. This type of stress occurs due to prolonged periods of excessive pressure in the workplace leading to several psychological and physical health problems.

Normally, a certain amount of pressure in the workplace is good because it motivates people to be more productive. However, if the work pressure becomes too much to handle and lasts for a long period of time, it can cause Occupational Stress.

Our Vancouver clinic has a multidisciplinary team to help you. If you need a psychiatrist, massage therapist, acupuncturist or naturopath, we have those professionals on the floor too.


A number of physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms can be caused by Occupational Stress. Physically, you may suffer from frequent pain in your head, back, and neck. Occupational Stress can also cause fatigue, indigestion, insomnia, decreased libido, muscle tension, and blurred vision. Emotionally, you might feel distracted, unmotivated, cry more often, be short tempered and suffer from eating disorders. You may also have cravings to smoke and drink more, become less productive, and find it difficult to plan and control your work.


To help your fight occupational stress, you need to take certain steps to manage stress effectively. You must try to make certain lifestyle changes such as exercising more regularly, avoiding using drinking or smoking to manage your stress, and implementing a healthy diet. At the workplace, you must try to distribute work properly between you and your team members. Become more assertive and avoid stressful confrontations with your colleagues. At our Vancouver clinic we will help you with stress management by using different techniques. These include remedial exercise, manual therapy, craniosacral therapy, and breathing exercises. All these techniques help relax and repair the body.

Remedial Exercise

Occupational Stress and overwork cause your brain to work harder. Due to this, toxins build up in your body and affect your thinking prowess. Vancouver Physiotherapy helps you by developing a remedial exercise routine. Exercising helps increase blood flow and oxygen levels in your brain, enhances your thinking ability, and improves your work capacity. Following the remedial exercise routine, your brain releases the body’s natural healing hormones, endorphins, which instill a feeling of positivism and happiness in you.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy involves manipulation of muscles and tissues in the body. This technique is used to reduce muscle tension, improve circulation, and carry fresh oxygen to tissues in the body.

Craniosacral Therapy

This technique is used to bring the cranial, spinal, and pelvic structured back into balance. Craniosacral therapy can also remove blockages that the body’s own physiologic forces have been unable to overcome. This is a great technique for dealing with stress related issues.

Breathing Exercises

Simple and helpful breathing exercises that physiotherapists teach at our Vancouver clinic will effectively help control symptoms of Occupational Stress. Breathing exercises help in releasing muscle tension, promoting relaxation, and controlling your heart rate.

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