Sports Physiotherapy and Running Pain

While running has become a popular sport, few people in Vancouver think to see a sports physiotherapist; even for common injuries like shin splints and knee pain. Many people believe that physiotherapists only deal with professional athletes. If your workout routine is causing you pain, it’s important to see a sports physiotherapy expert, regardless of your fitness level.

A sports physiotherapist can help with common running injuries

An Electra Health Floor (Downtown Vancouver) sports physiotherapist can help with common running injuries by suggesting stretches and exercises, and by working with you to alter your routine so that it becomes pain-free. A physiotherapist specializing in sports knows that exercise is an important part of many people’s lives, and will seek to maintain your routine while making it more efficient.

Shin splints, a common running injury where deep tissue above the foot gets inflamed, can be caused by improper running technique, or badly-fitting shoes. New runners are especially prone to this, as they are unlikely to have a regular running routine, and might not know proper running form. A sports physiotherapist can help ease the pain, while also helping you modify your running stance and helping you find proper running gear.

New runners also have to watch out for knee pain. The knee is a connecting point between four bones, and it is vulnerable to impact and muscle strain. Knee pain is often caused by an imbalance in the muscles surrounding the kneecap. Again, a sports physiotherapist can be invaluable in helping to prevent knee pain, with proper running shoes, stride, and strengthening exercises.

Exercise is an important part of an overall wellness plan. Why not get all the help you can in order to make it more pleasant and efficient? See a professional sports physiotherapist at Electra Health Floor at our downtown Vancouver physiotherapy clinic.

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