Weight Loss & Physiotherapy

Many people who live in Vancouver will be happy to know that physiotherapy is a healthy way to assist their efforts toward weight-loss.

Weight gain and obesity can occur for many different reasons. Whether you are genetically predisposed to ‘storing’ your nutrition and have simply given-up, whether you have the ‘post-pregnancy pot belly’, or if you have been gaining weight due to a chronic problem such as pain from a physical trauma or depression, you deserve to have a new start at health and to see the absolute difference in vitality that regular visits to a physiotherapist can bring you.

Physiotherapy will assist your commitment to loose weight by providing you with an educated, healthy and personally-tailored program that supports and acknowledges YOU as an individual who has a unique physical constitution and acts and reacts to a physiotherapy program in unique ways.

Our top-of-the-line Vancouver physiotherapists are trained professionals who thoroughly understand what the body, mind and spirit need in order to function optimally so that successful weight-loss can occur. Our physiotherapists will be able to help you with safe and proper exercise and with nutritional advice.

It’s normal for mental or physical challenges, or little hurdles, to pop up as we start to make healthy changes towards weight-loss. Unfortunately, often these can throw us back to square one and keep us living in a vicious cycle. But this time, our physiotherapists can help alleviate these challenges and help you get on a weight-loss program for real, for good, and forever.

A physiotherapist is your ‘wing-man’, along for the ride as you begin one of the most honourable endeavors you could personally take on for the sake of bettering your health, and ultimately for a better YOU. Alone? Never. Your physiotherapist understands. Trust them, they have literally seen it all. And no challenge or excuse that you give them is too big for them to fully understand as they help you and guide you towards your personal best in a positive and motivating manner.

Statistics show that obesity and weight gain are on the rise and are also contributing factors to larger issues such as chronic pain, diabetes, depression and cardiovascular problems. With modern workloads, financial pressures and time constraints growing larger, many women and men in downtown Vancouver find their waist sizes increasing in tandem. And with this their hopes of feeling balanced in their lives fade.

Feelings of inadequacy often accompany high-performing individuals. Sometimes the most successful people can be stuck in a rut which they can’t get out of because their fear of failure in this area is so strong that it is literally immobilizing. It can be immensely helpful to team up with someone who works with you towards your goals and wants you to succeed as much as you do. This is the role a physiotherapist is ready to fill.

To achieve weight-loss, a disciplined approach needs to be accompanied by healthy eating, exercise and a low-toxin lifestyle. But personal support and an individually tailored program are essential. There are so many small factors that interact to cause weight gain, and contribute to an inability to keep the body at healthy, balanced levels.

If you live in downtown Vancouver you know that the city offers no shortage of leisurely, healthful options. This may cause you to blame yourself, asking yourself why you can’t just commit to a healthy regime and stick to it for once and for all. Be kind to yourself! Even the most successful, positive, healthy and ‘able’ people may, after being in the habit of certain lifestyle patterns, have the hardest time breaking the cycle.

If you want to start a weight-loss program in downtown Vancouver , you will require the gold-star combination of a healthy, committed and disciplined approach to TOTAL health, a realistic goal, a strong supportive professional, and a safe, experienced program to follow.

A visit to one of our physiotherapists in our downtown Vancouver clinic will help assist with not only the weight-loss, but the sculpting of the new human being you want to become inside and out, in body, mind and spirit. You will gain a new sense of discipline and balance. You will get your body functioning at new physical levels. This will help to maintain healthy endorphin levels in your brain.

The positive effects of a physiotherapy program will counteract the negative cycles that tend to accompany the majority of people’s weight-loss attempts.

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